Hi. I’m an assistant professor of economics and management science at Chapman University Argyros School of Business in Orange County, CA. Previously I lectured at MIT and Wellesley College.

My research interests include the economics of information systems, development economics, economics of digitization, applied artificial intelligence and machine learning, data-driven decision making, and the impact of information technology on society and firms.

I received my PhD in economics at Boston University. I’ve also worked with the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and various firms on how to use machine learning to improve management processes. I still on occasion lecture on statistical and data science for the World Band and IDB.

At Chapman I teach courses in machine learning, statistics, and business analytics with an emphasis on applications for businesses. I am interested in pedagogical methods for delivering the best possible training in these methods. I’m always happy to talk with Chapman University students and faculty, particularly those interested in development and/or data science. If you’ve got a thorny data problem I’m probably someone you want to talk to.

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Recent and Upcoming Conference and Presentation Schedule
December 18-17, 2018: Workshop on Information Systems and Economics, San Francisco, CA
June 17-20, 2018: INFORMS International, Taipei
June 18-19, 2018: Statistical Challenges in Electronic Commerce Research, Rotterdam, Netherlands
May 11, 2018: ESOC Annual, Washington DC 
April 19, 2018: New York R Conference, New York
March 10, 2018: PacDev, Davis, CA
March 1, 2018: Artificial Intelligence for Development, CEGA/World Bank DIME, Berkeley, CA 
January 11-12, 2018: 11th Digital Economies Conference, TSE, Toulouse, France
January 4-7, 2018: ASSA, Philadelphia, PA
December 18, 2017: Advances in Prediction for Prevention, Barcelona, Spain
December 8, 2017: NIPS, Machine Learning for the Developing World, Long Beach, CA 
November 6, 2017: University of California at Riverside, Riverside, CA
October 30, 2017: Penn State Economics, Trade and Development Seminar, State College, PA 
September 26, 2017: University of Southern California Economics, Los Angeles, CA
September 6-7, 2017: CEGA Geo4Dev, Berkeley, CA