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Poverty from Space: Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery for Estimating Economic Well-being and Geographic Targeting

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Unintended Consequences of the African Growth and Opportunity Act: The Role of Trade Diversion and Structural Change (with Klaus-Peter Hellwig)


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Building a better model: Variable selection to predict poverty in Pakistan and Sri Lanka (with Marium Afzal and David Newhouse)


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“Robust Determinants of Trade Flows,” (with Marianne Baxter), May 2015.


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Historical Health Conditions in Major U.S. Cities,” (with Carlos Villarreal, Brian Bettenhausen, Eric Hanss). Historical Methods: A Journal Of Quantitative And Interdisciplinary History Vol. 47 , Iss. 2,2014.

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“Sweet Diversity: Overseas Trade and Gains from Variety after 1492,” (with Hans-Joachim Voth), 2011.


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“Firm Entry and Export Performance when Firm Credit is Constrained; Evidence from Ethiopia and the African Growth and Opportunity Act”